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luhan ([personal profile] luhan) wrote2012-03-13 11:48 am


 Lord, I'm tired. On a normal sleep schedule for once though~

This weekend was a blast. [ profile] kitayama  and her boyfriend were up in my area so we went out to eat Korean on Friday night. It started snowing and all of us were just :|-ing at the weather. On Saturday, I went to Pops at the high school and I was actually impressed with it??? Last year the band sounded god awful so I was prepared for the worst but they sounded really, really good. Sunday rolled around and [ profile] kitayama  was back~ We went ice skating/people watching, ate Five Guys, and forgot to take a picture together until we already left each other. Which meant we turned right back around and got one. XD

It is now break for me and at work last night, I was just grumpy as fuck for no reason. I snapped at everyone at least once, and I have no idea why. We were there an hour late too so I was just mad.

Today, I purchased the new alice nine. album on ebay. Much better deal than on YesAsia, I saved ~$12 and got free shipping. Waiting until Friday and I'm going to buy myself the new B1A4 album and possibly something else. Skip Beat OST most likely? I wanted SS3, but if there's no Henry or Zhou Mi, I see no point in getting it. I was also going to wait for the EXO release to buy, but that's going to be a long time, isn't it?

I've been shitty at replying to comments, so I'm going to do that as soon as I post this. 

I'm thinking of putting up a WIP post. I have so many that just aren't going anywhere anymore. I want people to tell me what to drop, what to continue, etc. I'm more just stuck than anything. :<