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[*1] intro post


name: kat
birthday: 4/7/1992
likes: eating fried gyoza; reading good books; writing stupid fic; being with my friends; flailing over fandom related things; looking at pretty boys; being able to have a somewhat intelligent conversation with people; talking about eunhyuk's tiny bulge; going to disney world.
dislikes: being put down by people i care about; strict parents; douchebags; slow internet; not eating fried gyoza; when i’m right and get told i’m wrong; being snowed in; having unfluffy pillows :(

super junior: hyukjae, henry, ryeowook, kyuhyun, some fucked up mash of all the rest (otp list here)
alice nine: hiroto (nao/starbucks)
news: massu, koyama (ot4 minus tegomass)
u-kiss: dongho, kiseop, jaeseop (xander/kiseop)
beast: kikwang, yoseob, dongwoon (dongwoon/yoseob/kikwang)
shinee: jonghyun, onew, minho (minho/onew)
dbsk: junsu, changmin (homin, minsu)
infinite: sungyeol, myungsoo, dongwoo (sungyeol/sungjong, woohyun/sunggyu)
a’st1: hanbyul, hai ming
2pm/2am: nichkhun, seulong, junho, taecyeon (junbros, taecyeon/seulong)
b1a4: jinyoung, sandeul
teen top: l.joe (l.joe/chunji)
dalmatian: youngwon, jisu
h.o.t.: woohyuk, kangta
exo: all so far, will update eventually.
other*: tablo (epik high), jino (sm the ballad), yejun (f.cuz), mir (mblaq), seunghyun (ft island), jungmo (trax), li mao (top combine), takuya (UVERworld), changhyun (shu-i), ninomiya (arashi), nakamaru (kat-tun, hikaru (hey! say! jump), jungmin (ss501)

girl’s day: sojin, hyeri (jihae/yura, yura/sojin)
snsd: sooyoung, tiffany, sunny, yoona (sooyoung/tiffany)
f(x): amber (amber/the world)
t-ara: boram, hyomin
other*: jiyul (dal shabet), fei (miss a), hyuna (4minute), bekah (after school)

actors/actresses/soloists: ikuta toma, yamamoto yusuke, jang geunsuk, kim soohyun, maki horikita, iu, ajoo, lee seunggi, inoue joe, yuya matsushita, zhang li yin, wang lee hom, han geng, khalil fong.
other otps: yamapi/toma, kyuhyun/jino, yunho/heechul, nichkhun/minho, minho/all his hyungs, kyuhyun/changmin, minho/changmin, junsu/hyukjae, hongki/hiroto, jungmo/henry, kind of henry/amber.
*other does not mean they are less important to me, just that they are my only biases in those groups and there’s no otp for that group. i like things to look neat. :c


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